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Have more peace and get more done. If you want to be more productive without extra stress, now’s the time to learn how to set up an agenda for success.

For entrepreneurs and other ambitious superstars with lofty goals, mental clutter stacks up quickly. Without a system...

Criticism is tough for even the most hardened achievers. Some try to avoid it. Others counter criticize. However you handle it, it's likely you'll feel the sting of a criticism long after the conversation has ended.

As much as we'd love to avoid being criticized, for so...

Life has high standards and lofty expectations for serious achievers. No matter how much success you attain, you’ll still find yourself making the occasional oversight. Failure is, after all, necessary to innovation.

On the journey of success, mistakes are inevitable. A...

Ever feel guilty for wanting more than you feel you deserve? As if wanting it alone would take the opportunity away from someone who needs or deserves it more?

Maybe you've been eyeing your dream home, wanting a bigger income, or maybe you can't get the smell of a luxur...

You want to speak your mind. You want to feel confident. To be our most powerful selves, we all know it's vital that we be authentic. So why's it so hard?

Being authentic isn't easy for anyone. Period. Even when others make it look like a cakewalk.

No matter how amazing...

Confidence matters in life. It’s the difference between living a life you’re excited about and settling for whatever comes along.

Confidence gives you the ability to take action, because you trust yourself and your capabilities.

With confidence you can negotiate a raise.


There are all kinds of reason we don’t exactly love our jobs. Maybe it’s the boss. Maybe the hours. Maybe it’s all around soul-crushing work.

If you’ve been staring at the same cubicle wall for years, you could probably write a book on job dissatisfaction and a heart br...

Slipped up on your New Year's resolutions? Learn how to get back on track with The Dominatrix Life Coach.

Gratitude is truly a high art and (when done well) garners appreciation for the appreciation you've shown. When gestures of gratitude are exchanged continuously, the result is what I call a "gratitude war".

I find myself embroiled in at least a few gratitude wars a year...

When we seek to make a stellar first impression, it goes without saying that the object is to impress. The question is who do you want to impress? A potential client? A boss? An audience?

Whoever you're hoping to win over, you'll need to first gain their attention,...

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How To Handle Criticism

January 7, 2019

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