With your keen eye and interest in how people operate, you already know what low confidence looks like. 


And we've all been guilty of saying or doing something absolutely cringe-worthy even to ourselves.

Well, the reason you feel so embarrassed and icky afterward is that you know we just demonstrated low self-worth AND when you do that enough, you create a habit of feeling unconfident.


When you fix these unsavory habits, you free yourself to show up as the courageous, confident, charismatic badass that you are!  

HABIT #10 

Shooting For Perfection

We all want to perform well. But perfectionism is totally self-defeating for the simple reason that 'perfect' doesn't exist.

We just wind up putting off our dreams until the timing is just right. Except that the timing is NEVER just right.

When we're obsessed with perfection, we walk around in a state of feeling not good enough.

Seeking excellence over perfection is how we succeed and maintain our sanity.

When we blame other people or even circumstances for the negatives in our lives we are letting them steal our powerThere is NO winner in the blame game


In love, resentment ruins relationships. In business, excuses makes us look incompetent. And on the inside, causes us to feel anger and worse... hopelessness about a situation.


Take back your power. Bravely assess your role in a situation. Because, only then, do you have the opportunity to create real change.


Winning The Blame Game


Refusing Compliments

Someone says "You look nice today."

You reply, "Really? Because I feel awful. I was up all night..."

Refusing to accept well-intentioned compliments is bananas. It screams insecure. 


AND it's kinda rude to the person who gave you the compliment. Almost like you're doubting their taste level.

Allow yourself to receive a compliment by simply saying, "Thank you."

When we lie, we essentially tell ourselves that our truth isn't good enough for others. We lie to make ourselves, our actions, and our desires more palatable.

But lying has severe consequences. It can dull our integrity, destroy the trust in our relationships and make us feel like imposters.

Even when a lie is more convenient, try a polished version of the truth. You might not tell a clingy acquaintance, "I don't want to hang out with you because you bore me," but you might say, "That doesn't feel right for me."





The truth is we can only judge ourselves. We might see something we don't like in someone else, but we're the ones that take that standard home at night.


By putting a judgment out there, we must now hold ourselves to that standard. So if we gossip about someone gaining a few lbs, now WE must never gain a few lbs for fear of the same judgement. Ultimately, your judgements follow you, not them.

Having compassion with others allows us to have compassion with ourselves, because everyone has a compelling reason for who they've become.

While we'd like to think that there's no such thing as over-confidence... alas, it's not true.

Having too much confidence or optimism about how a situation will unfold can leave you unprepared for setbacks. And there are always setbacks.


This unpreparedness causes us to crumble when we do encounter obstacles.

The fix: Expect huge success, but prepare for all hell to break loose.




Comparing Ourselves To Others

When we see someone else living our dream, getting the results we want, it's easy to start comparing ourselves to them... and finding that we come up short.

What we have to keep in mind is that we don't see the whole picture. They might have our dream house, but be behind on the mortgage or sport an amazing body, but live in the gym.

Stop crushing your own spirit. Focus on getting a little more badass every single day.

Chronic apologizing wreaks havoc on our self-esteem and rather than appearing well-mannered, we just look like doormats.

Saying 'excuse me' to people who bump into you tells your subconscious you aren't fit to take up space.

Swap 'I'm sorries' for 'Thank you's'. Like thank you for waiting patiently. Replace 'excuse me's' with 'watch out'. And give your subconscious a different message, one that says you're amazing! 


Being Too Polite


Going It Alone

We need a community of like-minded people to grow. We need people who understand our struggles and celebrate our wins.


By surrounding ourselves with those who encourage and support our vision, we thrive. Add to that mentors and coaches who can walk us through obstacles and we 10x our results.


Feel free to join me and my posse of dominators for actionable tips, hilarious memes, and a badass support network as you set out to take control of your life, love, and business.

Too often we ignore our intuition and say 'yes' to opportunities that aren't quite right for us.

When that happens, we're usually coming from a place of lack. It seems smarter taking what we can get instead of insisting on what we want.

We must insist on our own individual visions of the life we want. And once we learn to say 'no' to the mediocre, we free ourselves to say 'yes' to the phenomenal.


Being A Yes Person 

These are 10 habits that are killing your confidence and what to do about them.


Simple, adventurous, and highly effective coaching is what my programs are all about... because you're busy and you have a AMAZING life to live.


Remember, even small shifts in confidence can go a long way when it comes to creating the life you're passionate about!


But you only get the benefits if you take action. So today try the one that you feel the best about. And tomorrow try another.


Boost your confidence, feel amazing, and have fun with life!

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