How To Avoid Information Overload & Finally Get Results



Got an inbox full of unopened emails stressing you out? Kindle carousel full and reading 8 books at the same time? Is even your Netflix que causing tension by mocking you with all the things you've been meaning to watch, but haven't yet?


Information overload keeps us from moving forward rapidly. When you have piles of information, wading through all of it to find what you need is such a waste of your valuable time. And sorting it... even more of a waste.


In the age of "I want it NOW and I want it FREE", our brains regularly go into cognitive overload from the sheer volume information being offered to us. We don't even notice that information is substandard, because there's just so much of it.



Psychologists have found we're now faced with 100 times the input of 10 years ago. We're simply not designed to handle that level of usage. So the entire time your brain is categorizing and processing excess information, it's simultaneously practicing losing focus. And what we practice, becomes habitual. We're programming our brains not to concentrate!


Ever wonder why you automatically skim articles without acting on what you've learned? With a reduced ability to focus, your mind tends to categorize challenges that could actually help you as unproven and nonessential. Your mind becomes lazy.

It actually begins to discard powerful questions, challenges, and even articles that were written with advanced vocabulary. It all just takes too much brain power. Who has time for that?


So how do you get rapid results without a mind meltdown?


Begin to develop the focus you need to get the results you want, by taking the following action steps. Make a real attempt to complete each of them. The more focus you invest in these exercises, the more certain your results. 


1. Take Action As you're reading, take action on what you've read before moving on. Even if it's just adding something to your to-do list. Taking action changes your relationship with information. It takes you from info-hoarder to action-taking badass.


2. Unsubscribe from those email campaigns you haven't acted on even matter how awesome they are. Quit hoarding info. Especially substandard info. You can always sign up again when you're ready to use that person's info. And if you feel guilty, don't, unopened emails raises the sender's SPAM score. The sender would rather you unsubscribe than not open.


3. Commit to ONE premium program at a time and follow it...all of it. Be sure it'll inspire real understandings and action by addressing the reasons you brainstormed in action item 1 above. Do the research, but choose just one. You need rapid results that come only from investing your consistent, focused dedication.


Once you focus exclusively on high-caliber techniques exciting enough to inspire rapid action, you'll find it's absolutely impossible to fail!


What type of info are you most prone to hoarding? Let me know by leaving a comment below.



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