How To Make A Stellar First Impression


When we seek to make a stellar first impression, it goes without saying that the object is to impress. The question is who do you want to impress? A potential client? A boss? An audience?


Whoever you're hoping to win over, you'll need to first gain their attention, earn their trust, and build rapport. Once you've established yourself as a person of interest, opportunities have a way of seeking you out.


Here are 10 easy ways to be seen as more professional and make an excellent first impression every single time:



Be Clean and Well-Groomed


It's just as important as your mama said it was. It broadcasts how much you value yourself as well as the extent to which others should value you.



Be On-Time


So many people have taken to procrastinating that it's become acceptable to be up to 15 minutes late in most instances. Don't do that. Don't be like everyone else. Be on time or a maximum of 5 minutes early.



Be Respectful


While sirs and ma'ams might be too formal for most situations, extend basic courtesies and demonstrate good etiquette. Be especially respectful to those upon whom your success relies.



Be Prepared


Whatever the situation ensure that you have an intention. Know what you want from interactions, events, and meetings. Show up ready to give it your all without profusely apologizing for having forgotten something important.



Be Honest


Most people come equipped with subconscious lie-detection skills. Even if they're not fully aware of a lie, they sense that something is off. Either be honest or say nothing.



Be Communicative


There are ways to speak to others that will not only net you what you want, but will have them feeling overjoyed to have helped and ready to do it again. Learn how to communicate effectively.



Be Sincere

Sincerity is so rare in today's Facebook world, that this alone will help you stand out. This is especially true when complimenting. You don't want to come off like a slimy salesperson with transparent intentions. Be sincere with your words and your actions. 



Be Grateful


You don't have to bow in gratitude, but acting entitled just makes people resent ever having helped you. A proper thank you will make them want to keep giving.



Be Useful


You must know what you bring to the table in every situation. To make an impression, the other person must be aware that what you have to offer is valuable.



Be Open

A closed person will not change. They will not grow. They will not entertain another point of view or question their own ideas. A closed person will not improve. Be open and you demonstrate that you are consistently becoming better and worth an investment of time.



While some might argue that these are traditional standards of professionalism that no longer apply, that very notion is the reason they've become rare. And rare professionalism in today's landscape makes the person holding those standards a commodity.


To make an excellent first impression, meet these standards. To open incredible doors of opportunity wherever you go, exceed them.


How did you do? Have you mastered all of them or are there some that need attention? Let me know in the comments below. 




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