5 Legendary Ways To Show Gratitude



Gratitude is truly a high art and (when done well) garners appreciation for the appreciation you've shown. When gestures of gratitude are exchanged continuously, the result is what I call a "gratitude war".


I find myself embroiled in at least a few gratitude wars a year with highly creative people who've inspired me to step up my gratitude game. After all, this particular sentiment is one of the pillars of a well-lived life.


While a simple "Thank you" will often do, here's a list of ways to demonstrate gratitude in a legendary fashion:


1. Write A Handwritten Note on an actual card, with a pen. The idea seems crazy nowadays, but what a show of class! Add a silly little drawing for bonus points.


2. Toast Them Publicly giving the recipient the accolades they deserve. When well-timed and heartfelt, a toast is an elegant way to appreciate the support, actions, or efforts of another. 


3. Give Them A Laugh and garner even more appreciation. Send a meme, sing a funny song, write a crazy poem, whatever gets a chuckle.


4. Surprise Them, after all, who doesn't love a fun surprise? When appropriate, post-it notes with compliments hidden in drawers and on mirrors to be discovered after you've left are a wonderful show of appreciation.


5. Act Generously Simple gifts of a bottle of wine, event tickets, and truly thoughtful trinkets are well-received and an excellent show of gratitude.


Express appreciation in these ways and you may find yourself embroiled in a gratitude war of your own. Simply by employing sincerity, humor, and creativity you'll elevate an acceptable show of gratitude to the status of legendary.


What's your favorite way to show gratitude? Tell me about it in the comments below.




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