Reboot Your Resolutions... While There's Still Time




Resolutions are a mainstay for the ambitious. We're given a clean slate. We can commit to being or doing whatever we want.


Under a shower of confetti, in a boom of cheers, suddenly last year is behind us and we’re born anew. The buzz of a New Year is a palatable excitement about the sheer potential of what’s to come.


Laid out before us are 365 opportunities for success, love, and fun. So we use this energy to give us a push toward goals that might otherwise seem out of reach.


Health goals postponed by the holiday food orgy? Educational or reading goals take a backseat to super-intense Netflix binges? Or perhaps starting a business incited a fear greater than dungeon-terror in you.


If you’ve slipped up on a resolution or two...First of all, naughty, naughty. Secondly, don’t despair. Most ambitious people are prone to at least one of the following resolution potholes:





It’s easy to get so focused on how you’re going to reach a goal that you render yourself inflexible. Especially if your goal is lofty. Overplanning leaves little room for experimentation.


Information overload also falls into this category and can cause epic meltdowns when you realize you don’t know the bleeping order of the 50 new steps you’ve just learned.


Try This: Know the end result. Plan just a few weeks ahead. If you’re starting a business be sure the steps you’ve planned are in line with the end result. Expect surprises. They’re part of the process. To avoid info overload, stick to ONE quality program. Once it’s complete, tweak with new techniques.




Most of us imagine that we can accomplish more in a day than what normally takes an entire month. Guilty.


We pack our schedules full of tasks, keep an endless list of to dos, and fool ourselves into thinking that with a superior level of productivity we can pack 18 hours worth of work into a 12 hour day. No breaks necessary when you’re fired up, right?


Try This: Take into account downtime, interruptions, preparation, and Murphy’s Law. For instance, you might only spend an hour in the gym getting your fat burn on, but the preparation, commute, and checking yourself out in the mirror (Looking good, by the way!) might add an additional hour.




Okay. You’re awesome, but give yourself some leeway here. If you want to write a novel, but haven’t typed so much as a two-sentence Facebook post in 6 months, committing to 2,000 words a day might be overkill.


Among the most often overestimated resources are free time, ability to save money by doing-it-yourself, and ease of execution in general.


Try This: Start small. Learn to build a habit. Want to write a book, but out of practice? Start with 500 words a day for a week. 1000 the next week. 1500 the next…. Ease into it.


Enlist help. With Fiverr and similar services getting specialized help is easier and less expensive than ever. Research, SEO, marketing plans, nowadays freelancers can do everything.


Lastly, take the time to learn. YouTube videos, Udemy, or a bootcamp program geared toward your specific goal… learn what you need to know. Whenever you can, opt for a premium program that gives you a direct path to your goal with the ability to ask a mentor questions as they pop up.





Go easy on yourself! There are times to be strict like when you want to eat a whole pizza, but only burned off 300 calories on the elliptical. That’s just basic discipline.Then there are times to focus on making the most impact on your goals.


Salvage your goals by refining them. Know why you want to achieve those goals in particular. Be clear about your end result, but remain open. Be flexible with how they’ll manifest. Leave room for your awesomeness to refine itself.


So if you’ve slipped a little. No big deal. Revise and recommit. And if you find you need that extra push of dominatrix-style accountability... drop me a line.


What were your resolutions? Share with me in the comments below.

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