Work-Life Crushing Your Soul? Here’s The Shift You Need

There are all kinds of reason we don’t exactly love our jobs. Maybe it’s the boss. Maybe the hours. Maybe it’s all around soul-crushing work.


If you’ve been staring at the same cubicle wall for years, you could probably write a book on job dissatisfaction and a heart broken by dreams that just don’t seem to materialize fast enough.


But what if there’s an easy way to start towards the work life you want without having to update your resume?


What if there’s a mindset shift you can make now that’ll give you a better vantage point and more options?


What if you can be happy right where you are until you’re ready to make the next move?


Sometimes it’s not about where you are, but more about your beliefs about where you are that determine your happiness.


Your perspectives and belief systems create your vantage point. Your vantage point creates the world you see. And by changing your mindset you can create an entirely new view.


Picture yourself at the bottom of a mountain. You may only be able to see 20 yards in all directions. But the higher you go, the more elevated your vantage point, and the more of a view you’re able to take in.


Why does that matter? Well, with an expanded view comes more options, more opportunities. You can see further, clearer. And most importantly, you can see how far you’ve come and realize the more you elevate yourself, the better your vantage point.


Raise the level of your philosophies and you shift into an expanded view on life. This idea can be a game-changer.


What if your perspective, your opinions, your beliefs weren’t set in stone? What if they were more flexible? Open to possibility? Open to embracing a higher vantage point?


Have you ever thought about what experiences brought you to where you are today? Giving this question serious thought can raise your vantage point immediately. It did for me.


It’s a rare person who’ll put serious, objective thought into questions like that. Most people are barely getting by. It never even occurs to them to question why they aren’t thriving. It’s too difficult for most people to take a hard look at the real reasons behind their lack of success.


But this is exactly what we must do to thrive! The world is evolving. Either we are evolving too, or we’re becoming obsolete.


I want you involved, evolved, and wildly successful personally and professionally. To do those things you have to bring value to what you choose to invest your life in.


There are those people who punch the clock, do their jobs, and go home. That’s all. Work is a paycheck. It’s just the business of making a living.


When that’s our mindset, all we can see is what we believe to be true right now. And for most people it’s based on what we’ve been taught….You go to school. You get a job that pays well. You retire. That’s it. (No addressing the fact that if you don’t love what you do, that’s a miserable way to spend 44 years of your life.)


So, right now, I challenge you to raise your vantage point. Open to a new way of looking at your work. At what you do.


If you were to work 40 hours a week for 50 weeks a year, you’re working 2,000 hours per year. The average retirement age in the U.S. is 62. So, between the ages of 18 and 62, the average person will work 88,000 hours. If salaried, 103,400. And If you commute like the average American does, that’s 107,800 hours.


The time you spend at work and elsewhere is an investment. To view it as ‘paying your dues’ or ‘doing what you have to do to survive’ would be short-sighted.


Most polls indicate that we’ll spend 20-30% of our entire lives working. And according to Deloitte’s Shift Index survey, 80% of us are dissatisfied with our jobs. Yikes!


107,800 hours isn’t just time you can throw away. This. Is. Your. Life.


I challenge you to a new perspective on time. Dominate It. Maybe you can’t make that jump to the position or business you want just yet, but you can create passion for what you do by adding value to it.


America’s foremost business philosopher, Jim Rohn says. “You get paid for bringing value to the marketplace, and if you’re not very valuable you don’t make much money.”


Raise your vantage point. Bring more value to what you do. If you’re going to invest 107,800  hours in something… Be INCREDIBLE at it!


When I did this, something major shifted. I was unknowingly preparing myself for entrepreneurship where I’m challenged to deliver value each and every day.


This lifestyle isn’t something you just fall into. Whether you aspire to have your own business or have a better position in your company. Start here and now by adding value to what you do.


Once you begin this journey, your vantage point changes. Life becomes easier. You appreciate your present position more because you have a clearer view of where you’ve been and where you’re headed. Upward.



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