Is Guilt Limiting Your Success?


Ever feel guilty for wanting more than you feel you deserve? As if wanting it alone would take the opportunity away from someone who needs or deserves it more?


Maybe you've been eyeing your dream home, wanting a bigger income, or maybe you can't get the smell of a luxury car interior out of your mind. Still, you can't stop thinking about the people who are less fortunate and wondering how you could be so selfish as to want even more than you already have.


What do you do about your wants when you're feeling conflicted? 


Once we've pre-judged our desires as negative, most people repress. Repress. Repress. They decide they shouldn't. They can't. And they won't.


The question is, does this work?


The answer: Not permanently. Restraint is a quick fix, but won't work in the long-term.


Repression is something I see a lot as The Dominatrix Life Coach. And while it serves to create a more socially acceptable version of us, it also keeps us from living life on our own terms. It holds us back from feeling truly authentic. And from going after what we want with laser focus.


That's not to say we should forge ahead with every desire that enters our minds, but we can and should validate each one. Your desires have meaning and purpose. Each one exists not just for your benefit, but for the benefit of everyone.


When you succeed in making your desire a reality, you create a ripple effect. You become an inspiration to the people around you. They see what you've accomplished and feel more ready to take on their own goals. You inspire others to grow and become more.


My work helps you explore how your desires can help you find your purpose and fuel your success. Even if it seems ridiculously out of reach. And even when you can't figure out how what you want could ever fit into your life.






Desires are what drives us to grow, do more, become better. They are like rocket fuel for our evolution.


When we delve into what moves us, what we're willing to do anything for and what we're truly passionate about, we can accomplish the seemingly impossible.

You were created to dream. To build. To imagine. Your desires are an important part of your evolution and expansion. 


So, if there's something you really want that seems impossible or out of reach, let's chat. Because impossible is what I do. Only by following our passions, can we find our own unique brand of personal power and live the life we truly desire.

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